Frequently Asked Questions

Do we ONLY provide online, internet, or digital marketing services?
No, we’re also very experienced in traditional marketing, too. With over twenty-years of marketing experience, we can work “old school”. Often, we have to integrate social media with other marketing such as direct mail, event planning, press relations, space advertising, and marketing hand-outs.

What is our pricing?
It depends on the project. Again, we only focus on a few clients at a time and prefer to build solid relationships.  However, we are a boutique–you’ll see our pricing is reasonable.  You are not paying for glamorous office space, company 401K’s, and levels of personnel.  We won’t send in our “A” team to sell you…and then let our “C” team do the work.

Can we work on retainer?
Yes.  We can set a package up which outlines what your monthly retainer fees cover.  This makes it easy for you to budget and know someone qualified is monitoring your marketing all month long.

Can you work anonymously?
Yes. We already do that! Many of our clients are ad agencies that broker us out for their digital marketing.  Or, we work with politicians long before they make their campaign announcement.  We’re the marketing behind an enterprise-ready to launch! We can keep a secret!  We know how to fly under the radar.

Will you be a guest speaker?
Yes. Of course. Let’s discuss. Especially if it’s somewhere warm and tropical.

How do I start?
Clients hire us because they don’t always have the internal resources or time to market their brand or business. However, they do know their business and what they want to achieve. So, we start with a complimentary meeting. We ask a lot of questions and we explain along the way.  We then create a no-obligation proposal.

However, everyone starts by emailing Ann@skewmarketing.com or filling out the contact form here.

Skew for Success.