Welcome to Skew Marketing.

We are Marketing Strategists and Digital Engagement Specialists located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We offer a complete line of online and traditional marketing services.  We manage small projects and large campaigns.  We’re turn-key, full-service, or project-based.

What We Do. 

First and foremost, we are engagers. We engage customers with your brand or business.  We do this through digital (and traditional) marketing.  We design the tools and execute the plan.  We monitor the actions.  We analyze the efforts. We measure the data.  We report the results.

With over twenty-years of marketing experience, we’ve seen and done it all. From direct mail to digital marketing.  Yellow Pages Advertising to Yelp!  Press Releases to Power Point Presentations. However, we’re also certified in new marketing methods such as Facebook, Linkedin, Yelp, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Twitter, PPC, and more.

We execute one-time projects or complete campaigns…and only work with a few clients at a time.  We believe in relationships. We aim for proven partnerships.

Who are Our Clients?

Our clients know and understand their business.  However, they don’t always have the time or resources to manage all their marketing services in-house.  Sometimes, they just want a second-opinion–fresh eyes on a new endeavor.   They want a partner who can understand their vision, suggest ideas, steer them correctly, and execute the project under deadline.  They choose Skew Marketing.

At Skew, we run marketing campaigns for politicians, non-profits, professional sports teams, city governments, manufacturers, sporting gyms, healthcare organizations, home-builders, restaurants, and retail chains. We’re also behind the scenes executing the projects for other advertising agencies.

We can keep a secret.  We’re the hidden resource behind products about to launch, politicians ready to run, and ad agencies who contract us for digital marketing.

What makes us different? We have battle scars. We’re seasoned marketers with proven results…and truly understand the “why” of marketing.

Sit down with us.  See our portfolio. 

Skew for success.